Disability Allyship Tips from Lindy Smith

I give people the option of the elevator when we’re walking somewhere together instead of assuming they can take the stairs and making them ask.

I am working on adjusting my vocabulary to no longer include ableist language.

I don’t question or require proof when people (especially direct reports or students) request an accommodation.

I try to be open about my own limitations in an attempt to destigmatize because I am in a position of relative privilege and likely won’t face any negative repercussions.

I seek out voices from people with disabilities and learn from them.

I recognize that no group is a monolith and respect differing views within marginalized communities.

I always use the microphone when there is one and advocate for one when there isn’t.

I don’t get any of these things right 100% of the time, but they’re all things I’m actively working toward


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